IMPERFECT - Guitar Sessions

Guilherme de Siervi and Fausto Lima play "Imperfect" new song from the album 'The Edge".

Skyrion recording a bonus track for Japan

posted on September 30th, 2014

Skyrion, which is about to release the second album, "The Edge", has just recorded a bonus track for the Japanese version of the CD. The song "Shouting in the Dark", now rewritten in Japanese, by the singer Ricardo Cruz. "It was a great pleasure working in 'Shouting in the Dark' , met Guilherme, the composer, arrived in Rio on the recording day and found he really likes anime and anime songs. We got along immediately of course! "explains the special guest.

For those unfamiliar, Ricardo Cruz is in Jam Project, the greatest band of anime songs from Japan. He is also known for singing the themes of Saint Seiya , and is currently part of the "Cavaleiros in Concert" group, next to Edu Falaschi (Almah), Rodrigo Rossi and Larissa Tassi, who like Edu and Ricardo also had their voices immortalized by the openings of drawing in Brazil. "When I received the invitation, I was offered a few choices of songs. I chose the 'Shouting in the Dark' precisely because it was similar to some of the work i did in JAM Project, a band that I sing in Japan. Translated the lyrics for Japanese and I felt quite at home recording, "says Ricardo Cruz, who renamed the Japanese version as" Kurayami he Sakebe "(shout into the darkness).

The recording was made in the studio Fullsound (RJ), with production of Guilherme de Siervi and guitarist Alex Macedo, and had the support of the company Art Entertainment, Renato Tribuzy, which enabled the participation of Ricardo Cruz. "Like today, thanks to the internet, the Japanese Rock has enough international audience, I put faith that this version can be a success in the West as well. A song is a punch in the face of so cool!" Concludes the singer, respected in Japan and in the universe of the anime Brazil.

Besides Guilherme and the former Illustria singer , Clarissa, now Skyrion has Fausto Lima (guitar), Cristiano Gavioli (bass), Robson Bridges (drums) and Elbert Jefferson (keyboards), making an interesting mix of Power, Prog, Thrash , Death, and melodic female vocals. The launch of "The Edge" is planned for the second half.

Female vocalist in metal

posted on August 20th, 2014

Unlike what some may generalize, female vocals in metal are not unique to Gothic Metal style. Brazilian scene in itself have several examples of versatility in female vocals, as Dani Nolden (Shadowside), Fernanda Lira (Nervosa), Daisa Munhoz (Vandroya) and Aline Strike (Fire Strike), just to name a few. Each has an amazing voice and completely different styles together. Skyrion, which today has the vocals of Clarissa Moraes (former Illustria), is another who flees the "standard".

The group, who released their debut "Beyond Creation" (2009) by Hellion Records, featured the interesting mix of Power, Prog, Thrash, Death and Melodic, and a female vocal ahead. Nothing lyrical nor guttural, but pleased, and the album was release in Europe. "I have always appreciated the female fronted bands like Nightwish, After Forever, Epica and Lacuna Coil, Arch Enemy as well. But the female vocals in metal can expand to many aspects, "explains guitarist and founder Guilherme de Servi.

With their new lineup, the Skyrion returned to the studio to record their second album, "The Edge," which features the debut refines and brings the beautiful performance of Clarissa, stressing that heavy metal singers do not need to summarize the Gothic or the extreme as the guitarist notes: "it is natural for singers who are successful become influences or create trends. But I think its important to seek one's own personality. Female vocal does not necessarily sound Tarja nor Angela. The queen Doro Pesch is here today to prove it. "